As master Craftman and President of Maisons Hestia, i have been involved in the construction of round log buildings since 1982.

For each project, i contribute personally at all stages, from the selection of trees in the forest on to final delivery. I am pleased to offer you my experience in customer services, fabrication and instalation.

My goal, inspired by love for the work, is to provide round log homes that are unique and respond to personal needs; handcrafted without compromise in quality standards.
Martin Bergeron
Maisons Hestia inc. is located on Lac Simon, north of Montebello, Québec on route 321. We have been building hand crafted round log houses since 1982 and have completed some 100 projects. We specialise in custom built structures, be it for a chalet, a main residence or a commercial project.

Over the years it is our artisans who have built for Maisons Hestia a solid reputation for quality and reliability. We constantly strive to improve and also to facilitate for our customers the work of completing the building.

To help with your project, we offer a range of services including overall and interior design, architectural plans, site planning and technical advice along with estimates of cost for the log structure and a budget for the complete building. A consultant is available to assist with roof design and technical details regarding such things as windows and doors. Often we are able to recommend qualified constructors in your area.

The name Hestia

The ancient Greeks honoured Hestia as a goddess, protector of the home and family. Her symbol was that of a fire in the hearth and she was held as clear and pure like a flame.