Here are some of our realizations. All prices shown are “Turn-Key“ and are approximate prices (as a guideline only). This include: house, from foundation to indoor finition. Doesn't include: lot, water purification system, well and landscaping.

However, Maisons Hestia does not make "turn-key". We only manufacture and sell the log home Kit A

.These models represent just a few examples of what is displayed in our catalog.

including 40 pages, 19 plans and 60 color pictures.
BROMONT - $250,000

This model is shown in detail, with many interior photos and detail pricing.
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LESAGE - $300,000 CHARLEVOIX - $300,000 LANAUDIÈRE - $200,000
OUTAOUAIS - $400,000 BROME - $450,000 PONTIAC - $350,000
ESTRIE - $135,000 SUROIT - $200,000

La maison du lac Sacacomie - 1997

Located in the heart of the forest and bordering the Mastigouche wildlife reserve, it overlooks a majestic lake whose shore extends for more than 40 km. In this enchanting site where nature reigns supreme, the log-constructed Maison du lac blends in harmoniously with the scenery, offering you unrivaled hospitality.

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