Construction method

The first step is the selection of suitable trees in the forest, red or white pine, 14 to 17 inches in diameter at the base. Larger logs are optionally available. The trees are cut in the winter and transported to our pre-erection site at Saint-Émile-de Suffolk. In the spring the logs are debarked and prepared for use in the current year.

We use the Scandinavian method in the building of log walls. The surface or each log is planed, scribed, grooved and trimmed for the full length with chainsaws and wood chisels. The upper log must always sit perfectly on the one below such that the resulting wall is in fact perfectly weather tight even without the use of caulking.

Finishing work starts after wall assembly. Log ends get a final cut and sanding, keys are prepared for windows and doors, holes are made for hidden electric wiring and switches. Log knots are then sanded down and finally the exterior walls get an application of stain finish.

In parallel with this work, we prepare log floor supports, round log beams and trusses for the roof with mortise and tenon joints.

All components of the pre-assembled building are numbered before dis-assembly and loading on trucks for transport to the site. Erection, under our supervision, is done with help of a crane. The structure is mounted on the foundation and rough ground floor prepared by others ahead of time.

We take pride in making on time delivery to coordinate with construction schedules.